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Tiered Halter Tie-Waist Maxi Dress in Rose

Tiered Halter Tie-Waist Maxi Dress in Rose

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The tiered halter tie-waist maxi dress is a captivating and stylish choice for any occasion. With a halter neckline that accentuates the shoulders and ties gracefully around the neck, it adds a touch of elegance. The tiered design creates a flowing and dynamic silhouette, giving the dress movement and charm. The tie-waist detail not only cinches the waist for a flattering fit but also adds a playful element to the ensemble. The inclusion of lining inside ensures both comfort and coverage. This dress is a perfect blend of sophistication and ease, making it a standout option for a variety of events.

-Model is 5'9" and wearing a Small

Nic wears a medium

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